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Promoting Micro Livestock Farming


Sultan Kiani

Micro Livestock Farming is a small-scale practice of raising animals for food with minimal resources. This could be executed in residential zones of rural and suburban areas where there’s adequate space available.

Small animals like chickens and rabbits as well as the medium sized ones similar to goats and sheep could be raised in these micro-level livestock farms. The ‘backyard farms’ not only provide the domestic farmers an alternative source of income, but they also are considered eco-friendly because of having a lower carbon footprint.

Subh-e-Nau has been working for the Environment and Public Health Concerns since the 1990s. We have played our role in making Pakistan a clean, green and a sustainable country through various projects; promoting Micro-Livestock Farming is one of them. The organization has recently donated a goat and some chickens to a needy family in Karachi. This small backyard farm is helping them generate some extra money which is the need of the hour as Pakistan is going through the worst economic crisis. Additionally, this micro farm is also proving to be helpful for the environment as the livestock are fed on fruit and vegetables’ waste hence reducing the trash volume from the overburdened municipal solid waste system. And the animals’ manure can be used as a natural fertilizer, perfect for organic kitchen gardens! In general, Micro Livestock Farming has the potential to create livelihood, provide fresh and healthy food and improve environmental quality by reducing organic waste and producing natural fertilizers for crops. Subh-e-Nau had similarly helped the underprivileged people in the past too. We had provided livestock with necessary training to the families of paraplegic victims to set up their backyard farms. This was the part of Subh-e-Nau Livelihood Program launched after the 2005 Earthquake which caused massive life and property loss in Kashmir and Northern Pakistan.

If you have some space in your backyard, consider starting a micro farm. It requires very little investment and offers great returns. Nothing could be more nutritious than a fresh organic egg straight from the backyard to your dining table!

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