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Climate Strike March in Vancouver

To protest the lack of climate action in Canada, Sustainabiliteens, a youth-led collective in Vancouver, Canada joined the rest of the world in organizing a climate strike march event on September 23, 2022.

Make no mistake, we are living an era of climate change and its drastic impacts across planet Earth. The unmitigated burning of fossil fuels largely for the sake of profit, rather than for people, along with unchecked development has led us to the existential crisis, which requires actions at all levels. The recent heat waves in India and Pakistan, along with the massive 2022 Pakistan floods require us to act for the sake of the health and survival of our future on this planet.

The youth have taken charge of this issue, and with Greta Thunberg at the helm, climate strikes were called out as a means to protest against the status quo. In Vancouver, Canada, I had the privilege to attend this event which started as a peaceful protest and march to a block party. The youth called out participants in the march to raise their voice against climate inaction and injustice which is rife, even in places like Canada.

Representing the Vancouver Green Party and Subh-e-Nau, I had meaningful discussions with various participants including bystanders who shared their perspectives and concerns with me along with other party members to devise effective policy and its implementation to address climate emergency in British Columbia.

So, please get involved in climate action wherever you are and recognize movements, including political ones which are progressive and have innovative and just solutions for stopping climate change for good and for all.

Writer: Dr. Farrukh Chishtie

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