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Heatwaves Strike Again!

Sweltering heatwaves are sweeping across the globe with increasing frequency and intensity, causing widespread misery and posing severe risks to health and livelihoods. In 2024, countries around the world have faced unprecedented heat, prompting urgent discussions and actions about climate change, mitigation, and adaptation strategies.

Cover Story

Heatwaves across the globe, including Pakistan are turning more deadly and frequent. We must adapt to these impacts immediately and with solutions that address these issues in the short and long term.


The Ghost of the Mountains: Snow Leopard Conservation in Pakistan

Snow leopards, known scientifically as Panthera uncia, are an iconic species native to the rugged mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. Conservation of these species requires a multifaceted approach, which must be implemented to save these beautiful gifts of nature

Healing Herbs

Herbs are becoming more popular, both for their culinary and medicinal uses, especially here in Pakistan where the trend for ‘natural’ has really taken off.

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Hiking made safe

Margalla Hills Trail 5 is a popular track for hiking and trekking in Islamabad. However, due to a recent tragic and fatal event, safety is key. Here’s some useful ways you can keep safe

Eco-friendly tips for staying cool

In many areas of the country, this summer is expected to bring record heat. That means higher electricity bills and more usage of fossil fuels. But there are more ways to stay cool than just cranking up the air conditioning, many of which are eco-friendly. Flip through the list for 18 eco-friendly ideas for staying cool this summer, from chilly frozen water bottles to a DIY swamp cooler that's surprisingly powerful.


Farmers who graze sheep under solar panels say it improves productivity. So why don’t we do it more?

Allowing livestock to graze under renewable developments gives farmers a separate income stream, but solar developers have been slow to catch on.

The Golden Spice: Unveiling the Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric, locally known as "Haldi," has long been a staple in Pakistani kitchens and a cornerstone in traditional medicine. This golden spice, derived from the root of the Curcuma longa plant, is not only revered for its vibrant color and distinct flavor but also for its remarkable health benefits. 

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