September 2019 Contents

Vol.17  No.01

Cover Story

Are Bioplastics a Solution? 

Plastics are ubiquitous in every area of our lives from healthcare to homewares and from food to fashion. Plastic is a staple material of modern life but has many negative impacts as well. Bioplastics offer a solution, but there are key considerations in their usage as well.  (more)


Lively birds under threat  

Birds are unique and life giving in their own ways. Their conservation, especially across Pakistan is direly needed.  (more)


Gardening: Back to the basics

With climate change and its ever increasing impacts, we have to get back to the basics, including reverting to organic gardening for sustenance. (more)

SN Plantation

SN continues National Plantation Year 

On the auspicious occasion of 12th Rabi ul Awal, Subh-e-Nau planted fruit trees in reverence of this holy event. #greeneveryinch. (more)

Safety First

Lightning Safety: Rules to follow during a Thunderstorm

Lightning can be a deadly and dangerous threat. Here are some safety tips to stay away from harm’s way. (more)


Plastic Bags ban in Islamabad: what are the alternatives?

Polythene bags or plastic bags have without any doubt long term negative effects on environment and our ecosystem. The recent bans on them means alternatives which we should be thinking about now.  (more)

Sustainability Science

Clean energy set to provide 35% of Australia’s electricity within two years

Clean energy will be providing 35% of Australia’s total electricity needs within two years, analysts say, as new data underlines the pace at which solar power is transforming the national energy market. (more)

Health Page

The Multi-Purpose Banana Peel

Before we talk about anything else, the first question to answer here is that: is banana peel really edible?  (more)

Film Review

180 Degrees South

180 degrees south is mostly an eco-adventure documentary with significant lessons about environmental conservation and geography. (more)

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