September 2017 Contents

Vol.15 No.01

Cover Story

Cashing in on solar power 

With the introduction of net metering in Pakistan, people have the incentive not only to invest in solar power, but to get paid, and be independent power producers.  (more)

Cover Story

Busting the ‘baseload’ myth: nothing that renewables cannot provide 

The myth that renewable energy sources cannot meet baseload (24-hour per day) demand has been propagated far and wide. Its easy to make the case for wind not blowing all the time, and no sunlight at night. Pakistan is no exception to it. We reprint a 2011 article here from Mark Diesendorf which addresses this misperception, not to forget how many countries wean themselves off fossil fuel and nuclear power. (more)

Cover Story

Widespread solar power potential of Pakistan 

Geographically blessed, Pakistan is in a region which receives one of the highest solar radiation in the world, especially in the southern regions, Quetta, and in central Punjab. (more)


Wisdom across ages and spaces

Ever heard of it? Here is a classic-the like of which I have not read or heard-the speech of the Chief Seattle, an American Red Indian, delivered to the President of United States in 1654. The speech and its native wisdom applies to our country as well.  (more)


Design a low maintenance garden

A low maintenance garden especially in these busy days is a boon. Here’s how to make a garden bloom with a reasonable level of effort. (more)

SN Plantation

SN continues National Plantation Year

Subh-e-Nau carried on its #greeneveryinch plantation campaign, carrying them out with participants from all walks of life at the Pakistan Sports Board and at the Open University, Islamabad. (more)


10 tips for living with less plastic

It’s impossible to avoid plastic entirely, but there are effective ways to limit your exposure. (more)

Sustainability Science

Volvo cars to be fully electric or hybrid from 2019

It’s impossible to avoid plastic entirely, but there are effective ways to limit your exposure. (more)

SN Disability

Living bravely 

Zaitoon Bibi, is bravely contending with spinal cord injury since the 2005 earthquake. Her approach is an instance worth learning from and incorporating for our lives too.   (more)

Health Page

The berry that does it all

Zarshak Shireen is a health-filled berry with many benefits, and is just as delicious!   (more)

Film Review

The true cost

You may or may not have come across a term, quite pervasive in the modern called, called ‘fast fashion,’ which has sprouted after the complete rewiring of the fashion industry.  (more)

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