October 2019 Contents

Vol.17  No.02

Cover Story

Uplifting women’s tennis across Pakistan

For more than two decades, Subh-e-Nau’s Sports Program has worked towards promoting sports, especially women’s tennis. While it has been a challenge, SN has uplifted women’s tennis with a vision towards their participation in the international arena. (more)

Cover Story

EIGHTEEN National Ladies Tennis Championship held in Islamabad   

The National Ladies Tennis 2019 was a successful event which featured all the top female tennis players in great form with a new champion Ushna Suhail winning a double crown. (more)


Mediator for a healthy environment   

Native trees are not only part of landscape and biodiversity of any area or region, but they are sometimes also a sign of cultural religious and heritage of that region. Peepal is a being which brings many such benefits to our lands. (more)


Living in Nature

Living close to the land and in harmonious conjunction with all that the natural world has to offer is how a great many people on this over exploited planet spend their time and their entire lives. (more)

 Safety First

Emergency Preparedness and Safety Tips to Survive an Earthquake

A deadly tremor has destroyed Mirpur (AJ&K) killing 40 and more than 700 injured victims are being treated at different hospitals as of now. How to keep safe in such events? (more)


Green Living Tips for Fall

As the fall season starts, many of us are preparing for the long winter ahead. In between dusting off our snow boots and digging out our favorite cozy sweaters, we can take some time to think about living sustainably in the cooler season.  (more)

Sustainability Science

Scientists set out how to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

Strong civil society movements are needed to ramp up pace of change, says study. (more)

Health Page

Tinday: Think Healthy, One Bite at a Time

Apple Gourd, commonly known as tinday in Urdu, is also known as baby Indian Pumpkin. It is a squash-like cucurbit grown for its undeveloped fruit and known to many as a vegetable. (more)

Film Review

What the health: Watch and learn 

Starting with the aphorism by Hippocrates “Let food be your medicine and medicine your food,” the film supports the idea that the major epidemics of today’s world. (more)

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