October 2017 Contents

Vol.15 No.02

Cover Story

Swat valley: Facing the onslaught of climate change

Swat is presently facing huge challenges on various fronts, which include climate change as one of its highest trials. Quite neglected, climate change requires due attention and proper action at all levels.    (more)

Cover Story

Fighting climate change 

Swat, amongst many regions in Pakistan facing huge challenges from climate change such as worsening water availability, energy crisis and extreme weather events. The time is now to act and stem this dangerous tide with simple solutions which include increasing green cover, coupled with water conservation measures.  (more)


Seeds can be eccentric 

I have seen people feeling dejected and unhappy when seeds that they planted did not sprout within a week, which they believed was the time they were supposed to, which is untrue.  (more)


Breaking chains: an imperative

Whilst the much lauded ‘Global Village’ in which, thanks to modern technology we all now live and interact more than ever before, which has myriad advantages. However, its counterpart, the ‘Global Food Chain’ threatens to pull us apart at the seams if allowed to continue unchecked.  (more)

Environment Watch

Watching our Water Footprint

We use water for all kinds of purposes. With rise in population and consumption it is crucial that we watch our water footprint and conserve this precious resource accordingly. (more)


Simple Green Actions for Earth

Our earth is facing great challenges. Here are some few actions that can be lived for the betterment of our planet. (more)

Sustainability Science

Queensland leading in renewable energy jobs

Australian Renewable Energy Index says state had almost 6,500 people working in renewables in August, which indicates this rising sector.  (more)

SN Disability

Valor personified  

Nasreen Imran, was struck with spinal cord injury in the 2005 earthquake. To this day, she is courageously dealing with this serious condition.  (more)

Health Page

The tree that has it all

There are few trees out there whose every part is useful to the mankind, coconut being one of them, including its roots, trunks, leaves, husks, fiber, fruit, water, sap, oil, milk and meat (flesh).  (more)

Film Review

Chasing Coral

Released on 14 July 2017, and managing to cover the coral bleaching event of 2016 in an incredibly poignant manner, this film was able to portray its message quite successfully around the world. This bleaching event has been the longest, deadliest, and most widespread in history.  (more)

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