November 2019 Contents

Vol.17  No.03

Cover Story

Disaster Preparedness for Earthquakes in Pakistan

More than 14 years have passed since the tragic 2005 Northern Pakistan earthquake. Environmental degradation, especially in the form of mass deforestation in this region continues to this day. Have we learned our lessons and created Pakistan a safer place to live in?  (more)

Cover Story

Delivering better care services in disasters   

The foremost need that arose during the 2005 earthquake was quick delivery of medical attention to the victims. The lack of rehabilitation sciences in these measures was severely noticeable and the dearth continues to this day, as was demonstrated in recent earthquake in Mirpur. Better integration of these services are required for any such emergency in the future. (more)


The endangered vulture   

My earliest memories about this apparently huge bird designed on very strong physiology that fights every dangerous bacterium with a smile, dates to my earlier age, when they were seen fighting and screeching against one another while gobbling chunks from a carcass almost on the outskirts of every village. (more)


Urban gardening made easy for you to cultivate

People have been cultivating food plants for thousands of years now and, until relatively recently, done so without the aid of manufactured chemical interventions such as fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides or even gardening books to help them along.  (more)

SN Plantation

SN continues National Plantation Year

Subh-e-Nau joined hands with PTF to plant fruit trees to help combat climate change and also stop environmental degradation. (more)


Coastal soil can be productive

Coastal soils can be made productive and loss of biodiversity in our marine ecosystems can also be made possible with sustainable approaches.   (more)

Environment Watch

Nature Conservation in Islamic Law

Discussing conservation in general seems like an obvious twenty-first century defense technique in face of the dwindling environmental conditions. (more)


Tips for a Sustainable Winter Season

Here are useful tips for having a sustainable winter season!  (more)

Sustainability Science

Renewable electricity passes fossil fuels in UK for first time

Ten years ago, fossil fuels made four fifths of the UK’s electricity supply. Now renewables are surpassing this supply share.  (more)


Warm-up: Getting the basic know-how into your sports 

A warm-up – what exactly strikes in your head when you think about this term and activity? (more)

Health Page

Healthful Nutshell

Pistachios are nutritionally rich and taste great. Here’s what you gain when you include these fabulous nuts in your daily diet. (more)

Film Review

A lifestyle with nominal impact 

Given how stressed our earth’s ecosystems have become due to our lifestyles, “No Impact Man” shows how to reduce such damage through daily practices. (more)

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