May 2016 Contents

Vol.13 No.09

Cover Story

Going plastic free: the NUST Story

In a country where sights of citizens casually throwing objects out of their car windows and plastic bags erupting out of simply everywhere are rampant, NUST took the bold step to go plastic bag free on their campus, a feat for all to learn from. (more)

Cover Story

An Environment Club to be proud of!

Since its inception in 2011, the NEC has carried out numerous activities for its cause. Subh-e-Nau met with the top brass of the NEC to reflect on the long list of achievements and future plans. (more)

Cover Story


Free me from this obnoxious entity that doesn’t deserve to be on this planet! (more)



As promised in last months issue, this time around we are going to put that priceless commodity – water – under the horticultural microscope and take a serious look at how to make the most of the increasingly small amount available for garden use. (more)

SN Event

SN continues National Plantation Year

As part of the #Greeneveryinch campaign, and to celebrate the World Water Day, Subh-e-Nau planted indigenous trees in Karachi.


French Embassy connects Climate Change and the role of Women

To commemorate International Women’s Day, the Ambassador of France to Pakistan hosted an event to highlight the role and plight of women due to climate change. (more)

Environment Watch

Tourism yes, vandalism no

As Swat Valley braces for another busy tourist season, concerned authorities need to engage the public to be more thoughtful about environmental concerns, while being more watchful about related law-enforcement themselves. (more)


The Unique Organic Market

After having successfully run for more than two years at its first home at Kuch Khaas, the Islamabad Organic Market is now held at the ‘Go Organic’ restaurant every Saturday, from 11 am to 2 pm. Idrees Market market is located at St. 11A, F-10/2. (more)

Sustainability Science

Inspired by Nature

Biomimicry is a newly emerging trend among inventors and innovators who are inspired by Nature to produce environmentally friendly solutions.

Health Page

The healing powers of the Peepal tree

Native to the Indian sub-continent, Peepal tree is considered sacred and is known for its healing powers and medicinal properties. (more)

Film Review

The Story of Stuff

This age of blind consumerism and exponential population growth has brought with itself many unprecedented hazards and injustices that may have seemed impossible previously. (more)

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