March 2020 Contents

Vol.17  No.07

Cover Story

Women for change

By contributing vitally to the sustenance of humanity, women continue to be a life affirming force against local and global challenges. With environmental problems reaching global proportions, they can dramatically branch and extend their benign relationships with Nature towards curbing its continual damage.  (more)

Cover Story

Being the change

An environmental movement requires commitment and effort at all levels. Subh-e-Nau draws its efforts from all sections of society; however, the role of women in this regard remains relatively unrecognized and unrealized, especially in Pakistan. The Eco-Women Movement will channel and highlight their pioneering efforts while bringing due attention to the plight they face due to environmental degradation. (more)


Pakistan needs a butterfly garden

The friendly beetles and insects are disappearing fast all over the country, among them the lovely butterflies. Who would want these lovely, flitting beauties to disappear? None, but they are on the top of the list. Let them not die off. (more)


Urban Gardening

It is quite incredible how much food can be grown in urban population centers, even those whose inhabitants do not have access to a garden of any reasonable size or any ‘garden’ area at all for that matter. (Part-II).  (more)

SN Plantation

SN continues National Plantation Year

Ms Amna Imran, DG Pakistan Sports Board with the SN team planted fruit trees, as part of SN’s plantation campaign and maintenance of fruit trees in February. (more)

Youth Page

The importance of our environment

Our environment is very important. It has the power to affect everything we have ever created and built. Yet, people do not seem to act as if this is true. We need them to believe this, and act as such.  (more)

Safety First

Is CNG a Safe Automobile Fuel?

A woman and her minor daughter lost their lives while 3 others sustained serious injuries in a cylinder explosion earlier in January this year. The tragic accident happened when Compressed Natural Gas was being filled in a taxicab in Peshawar. How can we avoid such accidents especially with CNG as a fuel?  (more)

Environment Watch

Plan to drain Congo peat bog for oil could release vast amount of carbon

Drilling in one of the greatest carbon sinks on the planet could release greenhouse gases equivalent to Japan’s annual emissions, experts warn. (more)

Sustainability Science

Australian power prices forecast to fall by 7% by 2022 as cost of renewables drops

Energy board says renewables growth will cut electricity prices, but warns extreme weather and ageing coal plants a threat to energy security. (more)


A zesty, healthy delight 

Widely regarded as a tasty fruit, kinnu is a readily available citrus delight with numerous health benefits. (more)

Film Review

A Gage

“The Worration.  (more)

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