March 2017 Contents

Vol.14  No.07

Cover Story

Choked out: Pakistan’s deadly air pollution 

Literally choked, Pakistan’s air pollution has reached catastrophic heights giving rise to serious and recurrent diseases. With the current policies of deliberate environmental neglect, only worse is expected. (more)

Cover Story

What causes air pollution in Pakistan?

Air pollution can only be fixed by blocking the source point. Cities remain the biggest source in Pakistan, with rural areas becoming fast polluted due to increase in transport and expansion of industry, particularly brick kilns and open waste burning. Rabid urbanization has been one of the significant factors contributing to air pollution. (more)

Cover Story

Addressing the smog within!

With such high levels of air pollution through the decades, the Government needs to do a lot more to save the rich and poor alike from cancers. But what of the EPD’s own inefficiencies, and actions needed? (more)


All in the mind – of the mali!

When one really – and very deeply – considers the art of gardening in Pakistan it is clearly evident that, for the most part, the ‘art’ is completely missing and has been absent for a long time, with the mali ruling the roost. (more)

SN Disability

Back from the brink

The Subh-e-Nau Disability program continues its efforts for the betterment of those affected by Spinal Cord Injury. After being gravely ill, Naseer Haider has made a remarkable comeback from life-threatening pressure sores and various other complications. (more)

SN Plantation

Subh-e-Nau continues National Plantation Year

Subh-e-Nau continued its commitment towards greening Pakistan by building a tunnel farming site and planting trees in its #greeneveryinch campaign.

Sustainability science

50 years of energy from a single storm: Wind turbine to convert typhoons into energy

A Japanese engineer has invented the world’s first typhoon-powered wind turbine – an electricity generator designed to harness the energy packed inside tropical cyclones. (more)

Health Page

Going bananas over this berry!

Bananas are probably the only fruit that is everyone’s favorite. I, for one, have yet to come across a single soul who dislikes this delicious fruit. (more)

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