June 2020 Contents

Vol.17  No.10

Cover Story

Nurturing your environment as a natural defense against a global pandemic

The COVID-19 is a serious threat to our everyday lives. How can we save ourselves by minimizing risks? Keeping yourself and surrounding healthy is an implementable and sustainable strategy which can help build natural defenses against the corona virus and other upcoming threats.  (more)

 Cover Story

Rampant waste mismanagement: more fuel to the COVID-19 fire

The improper treatment of solid waste is rapidly destroying quality of health in Pakistan, and for COVID-19 this presents additional threats. Recent it has been witnessed that air masks are thrown in the streets and in hospital waste are indicative of the potential impact of this mismanagement. With dengue already as an additional complication, the issue of waste management must be addressed at a top priority.  (more)


Sweet Burden

The father neither feels offended nor choked by the massive surge of the gummy babies nor does he gargle to wash his mouth. (more)


Urban Gardening — Water Wise

Of the numerous problems a gardener, in the city or otherwise, has to deal with is that of sourcing a regular supply of increasingly precious water needed to keep their plants alive and thriving during hot, dry weather and this, naturally coming second to everyday household requirements can be a major headache indeed. (Part-IV).  (more)

Youth Voice

Plastic, paper or cloth bags?

In August 2019, Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul announced a ban on plastic bags in Islamabad. This was great news for many environmental organizations and environmentalists, but proper implementation has been lacking. (more)

Environment Watch

Realizing The “Urban Jungle”

When you Google the word “Urbanization” you will find that it is in fact a noun, that defines “the process of making an area more urban”. Urbanization can either be termed as an area of settlement classed as “Urban” or the natural act of human settlements growing into large cities over time. How do we green this space and make it more livable?   (more)

Safety First

Staying Safe while Saving Lives

Healthcare professionals work day and night to save lives.Nonetheless,they have to deal with multiple occupational safety and health hazards every day. This safety article is quite general and covers some of the basic precautions to stay protected at work. For more specific comprehensive measures, follow referenced guidelines by established medical and professional authorities. (more)


Use Corona virus to Reset Your Life for Sustainability

The spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has shaken daily habits around the world. In China, the virus lockdown led to a dramatic decrease in pollution from commuting and manufacturing. Can we use this emerging pandemic to do some good and reset daily habits to be more sustainable? (more)

Sustainability Science

Green energy could drive Covid-19 recovery with $100tn boost  

Green energy investments could see returns of up to $8 on every dollar spent, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.   (more)


The soft and sweet herb

Bananas are bought per dozen in the local fruit market and is put to a variety of uses. Banana is a fruit, good for the stomach for all ages, from toddlers who have not started on proper staple food to old age folks for their easy digestion. (more)

Film Review

An inspirational force of nature  

Dr. David Suzuki is a world-renowned scientist and advocate for the betterment of our natural environment. This movie is a great take on both improving the state of the environment and his life. He is still working for many worthy causes to this day.  (more)

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