June 2017 Contents

Cover Story

Cooling down Karachi

In the grip of a heat wave risk again, Karachi is in desperate need of de-concretization to cool it off, or the frequency of such events will lead to further misery and mayhem in an already challenged city reaching a population of 30 million.   (more)

Cover Story

Trees: the real defense 

With cities like Karachi facing huge challenges such as worsening water availability, deadly urban heat island effects, energy crisis and extreme weather events, the time is now to act and stem this dangerous tide with a simple solution increasing green cover and fast, coupled with water conservation measures.  (more)


Biodiversity and sustainable tourism in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Biodiversity is the basis for many tourism activities in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH). Scenic landscapes, forests, lakes, mountains, and farmlands attract many tourists to the region. Iconic bird and animal species are also major attractions.   (more)


Green Gold

For a year round feast of tasty, highly nutritious vitamins, there is nothing to match good old spinach and – what’s more – it is amazingly simple to grow! (more)

SN Advocacy

Where is the environment in the budget? A reminder to the Finance Minister

With rising environmental challenges, the government continues its neglect to the area. Subh-e-Nau reminded the Finance Minister’s office for this key consideration.  (more)

SN Plantation

Subh-e-Nau continues National Plantation Year

Subh-e-Nau continued its drive for the betterment of the environment and health of its citizens with its #greeneveryinch plantation campaign.

Sustainability science

Cool roofs to the rescue

Using white paint, reflecting the sun can not only saves a building’s energy but it can also affect surrounding temperatures and offset carbon emissions. (more)

SN Disability

Bravery personified

Ms. Afshan Bibi, is bravely dealing with spinal cord injury since the 2005 earthquake. (more)


Tips to save energy while keeping cool this summer

We can take a few simple steps to keep cool while curbing their electricity bills this summer. (more)


Bhandara Memorial Polo Cup 2017

The 113th M.P. Bhandara Memorial Polo Cup 2017 witnessed great matches. The final was won by the Dominion team with which scored 5 goals against the runner ups; Ten Corps, who happened to score only 2 goals. The match was held in Polo Ground Rawalpindi and saw the two teams give an outstanding performance to a large crowd of spectators.    (more)

Health Page

The Tiny Nutritional Powerhouse

Seeds have so far remained the most overlooked source of nutrition in the plant based kingdom; this includes pumpkin seeds, which are great for your health.  (more)

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