July 2017 Contents

Vol.14 No.11

Cover Story

Conserving every drop: the only way forward

Water crisis across Pakistan is a matter of routine for an already impoverished population. Infrequent and erratic rainfall patterns due to realities such as climate change call for conservation measures that will pave way to end the losses of this precious resource, vital to existence and sustenance at all levels.    (more)

Cover Story

Saving the rain 

Like other countries, Pakistan is facing water shortages and it is worsening day by day. Rainwater harvesting is a key strategy towards addressing this critical issue sustainably and Dr. Ghani Akbar provides key expert advice towards implementing it at various levels and scales.   (more)


Herb costlier than gold

High up in Baltistan and frightening Deosai, where brown bears and snow leopards make life miserable for man and animals, grow bushes that are precious and full of medicinal value. Some are fragrant, while others are rare and in great demand in the pharmaceutical market.   (more)


Grow a lot of Shallots!

They may look like onions, by they are not. In fact, shallots are quite distinct from their much more popular lookalikes. (more)

Environment Watch

Connecting people to nature

The World Environment Day invites us all to connect to nature towards its appreciation and proactive protection.   (more)

SN Plantation

Subh-e-Nau continues National Plantation Year

Plantation is a key strategy which will avert desertification due to senseless cutting down of trees. With this spirit, Subh-e-Nau actively continues its #greeneveryinch plantation campaign for a greener, clearner Pakistan.

Sustainability science

Renewable energy costs drop dramatically for global lift

Renewable energy is fast becoming the most affordable form of energy source. Hence, its uptake across the globe is increasing at a remarkable pace.  (more)

SN Disability

Living gracefully

The Subh-e-Nau Disability program continues its services for the betterment of those affected by Spinal Cord Injury. Mohammad Fareed, who is enrolled in the program is living gracefully, despite all the challenges with this chronic condition.  (more)

Health Page

Did you ever pay attention to Pakistan’s national flower?

As Pakistanis, we all are well-aware of the fact that Jasmine is the national flower of Pakistan, which is commonly known as Motia in Urdu, but do we know about all its benefits? (more)

Film Review

Cowspiracy: the sustainability secret

The movie “Conspiracy” is an eye-opening account of the well kept secrets of animal agriculture.    (more)

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