July 2019 Contents

Vol. 16  No. 11

Cover Story

Impacts of Mycotoxins  

Fungi is a large group which can cause infections and allergy, and are also capable of producing mycotoxins and organic chemicals that are responsible for various toxicologic effects. (more)


Bay where dolphins played hide and seek

About thirty miles from Machar colony, close to Mauripur, and Masroor air base, on the way to the industrial complex in Karachi, is an old village no one knows how ancient, but it is a wonderful place to romp, run, guffaw and make friends.  (more)


Sourcing Seeds  

The biggest obstacle to propagating plants from seed is, in many people’s minds, easy and low cost access to a reliable seed source without having to revert to expensive, hit and miss imports over the Internet. This scenario, however, is only applicable to those having a desire to grow completely new species that may or may not actually be suitable for our climatic and soil conditions. (more)


3rd SNGPL All Pakistan Tennis Championships 2019 held in Islamabad

The Pakistan Tennis Federation held the 3rd SNGPL ALL PAKISTAN TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS-2019, Islamabad which started on 22nd June and concluded on 28th June, 2019. (more)

SN Plantation

SN continues National Plantation Year

Tennis players, fans and family members all joined hands with Subh-e-Nau staff at the Pakistan Sports Complex in Islamabad, pledging to take care and continue this activity for the rest of the year.   (more)

Safety First

5 Top Summer Hazards and Safety Tips to Prevent them 

Summer is all about eating mangoes, drinking lemonade and having a picnic outdoors. Nonetheless, soaring temperatures also bring numerous health and safety risks which we should never underestimate. (more)

Sustainability Science

Al Gore states economics will breakdown fossil fuel dinosaurs 

Former US vice-president says new coalmines make no commercial sense and even Australian governments will have to change course. (more)

Health Page

Guava: Not So Ordinary

Guava, or Amrood in Urdu, is a common fruit found in the marketplaces of Pakistan. It is oval in shape with yellow or light green skin, and with an abundance of edible seeds. (more)

Film Review


The documentary film ‘DamNation’ describes the historical scenario of the United States in the early 20th century as a nation that was constructed by compromising the free-flow of American waterways. (more)

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