July 2016 Contents

Vol.13 No.11

Cover Story

Subh-e-Nau Disability Program: Forging a path of well-being

The issue of disability across Pakistan requires comprehensive and community and based measures. This is especially for the case of chronic conditions such as Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). In the aftermath of the devastating 2005 Northern Pakistan earthquake, Subh-e-Nau started a holistic disability program which continues to deliver to this day. (More)

Cover Story

Shining and living with courage

SN’s Disability Program assists with holistic, community based solutions to people in need, so that they can sustain their lives and livelihoods in the longer term. While handling lifelong threatening and debilitating conditions, individuals with Spinal Cord Injury and their families have shown remarkable courage in surviving multiple crises and making a future. Here are some accounts of such individuals. (More)


Let the city breathe

Our parks need protection as they have all the vital greenery which counters pollution which is all too common in our urban centers. (More)


Shady Benefits

Shade can actually be helpful for certain species. (More)

SN Plantation

SN continues National Plantation Year

The #greeneveryinch campaign by Subh-e-Nau marches steadily on for a greener Pakistan.


Superblocks to the Barcelona’s rescue

Barcelona has a new strategy which will restrict traffic to a number of big roads, drastically reducing pollution and turning secondary streets into ‘citizen spaces’ for culture, leisure and the community.

Sustainability Science

World records smashed by Renewable energy smashes in 2015

Last year saw record worldwide investment and implementation of clean energy such as wind, solar and hydropower.

Health Page

A healthy alternative to processed table salt

Himalayan salt is a healthy and nutritious alternative to the more popular table salt. (More)

Film Review

A climate of change

The feature “A Climate of Change” is an engrossing film which delivers its important messages through renowned scientists and experts. (More)

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