January 2017 Contents

Vol.14 No.05

Cover Story

Planting food forests

The sheer, unadulterated, joy of being able to drift here and there amongst trees and plants, harvesting food as you go, is an unparalleled pleasure of the highest order. Here, in Pakistan, such a pleasure is within every gardener’s reach quite irrespective of which region of our climatically diverse country one happens to reside in. (more)

Cover Story

Forest gardening

Forests are, as we all know, extra special places radiating special vibrations which, no matter our mood, infuse us with well-being, clearing away the humdrum of everyday life in a magical process. (more)

Cover Story

Beautiful food – edible flowers

The popular saying ‘You are what you eat’ is, if taken as seriously as it should be, food for thought. Indeed, as who on earth wants to even remotely resemble any of the greasy food served up on a regular basis, but, there again, not many people would want to resemble a fresh green salad either! (more)


Saving the green turtles of Pakistan

Sea turtles are one of the oldest living creatures on the planet. They have made oceans their home for over 100 million years, playing a vital role in maintaining the health of the marine ecosystems. However, today they are struggling for survival due to human interference. (more)

SN Event 

SN continues National Plantation Year

Subh-e-Nau conducted a mass cleanliness drive in Bahadurabad, Karachi and continued its #greeneveryinch campaign by planting hundreds of saplings at the CDGK Sports Complex. (more)

Climate Change

Himalayan Glaciers, Changing Surface Water Regimes and Groundwater Resources: Connecting the Dots

Popularly known as the “Third Pole”, the Hindu Kush Himalaya mountain system is our life support. However, due to large scale glacier shrinkage, availability of water from this source will become increasingly challenging. Action to avert these dire scenarios are required now. (more)

Environment Watch

Karachi’s fish, safe to dish

We attempt to answer an oft repeated query: Is is safe to eat fish and seafood from Karachi? The answer based on recent studies: Yes! It is ‘relatively safe.’ (more)


Contending challenges with courage

Ms. Ruqiyaa Faqeer, is courageously contending with spinal cord injury since the 2005 earthquake. Her approach is an example worth learning from and emulating for our lives too. (more)

Sustainability science

The end of coal 

Canada has joined a growing list of countries phasing out the most polluting fossil fuel and global demand has fallen. Is this the start of a low-carbon energy era or just a blip in coal’s dominance? (more)

Health Page

A widely unknown remedy for diabetes

Our modern world relies on medicines that have been derived from plants. In fact, we have come to depend on them to such an extent that we have forgotten that those very plants can be wholly used for the same purpose, and with significantly less side effects. (more)

Film Review

The secrets of sugar

Sugar is behind many diseases – this informative documentary details how to avoid this dangerous, yet widely present substance. (more)

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