January 2015 Contents

Vol.12 No.05

Cover Story

Khan: Earning Pride for Pakistan

Aqeel Khan, Pakistan’s enduring, evergreen tennis star, rightly awarded the Pride of Performance Award for his illustrious career spanning over 16 years, shares his views on growing the sport, including Subh-e-Nau’s role that helped him grow to reach this level. (more)

Cover Story

Sports as a cause and causes beyond sports

Shahida Kauser Farooq had been actively involved in social work from a very young age. Sports promotion came as a natural extension to her work, from which many including Aqeel Khan benefited. Here she shares her baby steps into sports promotion, which became a lifelong passion. She detailed how sports promotion helps build a strong nation, while also helping towards livelihoods. (more)

Cover Story

‘All play’ for my child?

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” – although many parents and schools would emphasize this adage, sports places are empty lots. Why should a child go to play? Is it all that important, especially in the wake of competition, and when schools try to hammer in more course work every day? (more)


Revisiting Permaculture in Pakistan

Last month’s look at Permaculture, the art of ‘permanent’ gardening will, I hope, have whetted your appetite for more and, as promised, this time around we are going to take a look at what can be classified as those wonderful, labour saving edible plants falling under the heading of ‘permanent’. (more)

SN Event

Subh-e-Nau Plantation Program innovates Replacement of Exotic Trees in the Capital

Subh-e-Nau’s Plantation Program that started off in early 1990s has been advocating for the use of local plant varieties, discouraging exotic varieties that more than often become invasive. Alien Invasive Species (AIS) is the technical name given to these trees such as the infamous Paper Mulberry in Islamabad, and now the Conocarpus in Karachi. His Excellency, Rodolfo Martin-Saravia, the Argentinian Ambassador has been an active supporter of the program, who supported and initiated the new step at the Islamabad Golf Club. (more)


Living with less plastic

Pakistan is without any systematic waste management plan, with plastics as a dangerous waste. Here are some tips to make your life less plastic dependent. (more)


National Bank of Pakistan and Subh-e-Nau: Serving Humanity Together

The National Bank of Pakistan vowed to continue its partnership with the internationally acclaimed Subh-e-Nau Disability Program that has worked with various disabled populations in the country. The Disability Program has been pioneered in Pakistan, and has been a trend setter for other countries with the same kind of human resource and other constraints in remote settings. (more)


Clean up your oven

Oven cleaners are good at cutting grease and clean up the oven well, yet most of the ingredients in these chemical cleaners are harmful for health and environment. A natural cleanser for cleaning up is easily made at home. (more)


Air conditioning by releasing heat into space

A mirror has been designed which not only reflects 97% of light but also radiates heat back into outer space. A mirror that sends heat into the frigid expanse of space has been designed by scientists to replace air conditioning units that keep buildings cool on Earth. (more)

Health Page

Strawberries of Swat

Pakistan’s blessed soil produces a wondrous array of fruits all over winters. The picturesque valley of Swat and its beautiful orchards are famous for the succulent delights we know as strawberries. The scenic land and brave hearts of Swat have seen many crises in the shape of terrorist activities, floods and other natural disasters. Thriving through tough times and molded through hardships, the people of Swat now rely heavily on their rich orchards and tourism as their source of income. (more)

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