February 2020 Contents

Vol.17  No.06

Cover Story

Planting with an evergreen view

Our youth face enormous challenges and are unable to work positively towards the betterment of their lives due to debilitating social and economic conditions. To mobilize our most vital and bright section of the population, we must involve them in healthy outdoor activities like plantation.  (more)

Cover Story

Boosting the agrarian economy

Pakistan’s agrarian economy will only receive a boost from the plantation of supporting green cover to revitalize most of our poor population that depends on it for livelihood. Land degradation and further deforestation can be avoided with effective laws and monitoring policies while investment in fruit trees will provide both food and a means of livelihood to the poor.   (more)


Birds also need a balanced food diet

Birds of all kinds form a vital part of any ecosystem. While environmental degradation has wrecked havoc on their natural sources of food and habitat, it is indeed of concern that they are not being fed properly in most of Pakistan. The resulting extinction and loss in population mean dangers for all concerned. In this article, I outline the proper diet that is needed for these precious beings. (more)


Urban Gardening

Growing fresh, healthy vegetables, fruit and herbs in an urban environment, even if you don’t have an actual garden, is a fantastic and enjoyable undertaking. In this, all of the family can be actively involved and furthermore, prior experience is not a necessary ingredient! (Part-I).  (more)

SN Plantation

SN continues National Plantation Year

Fruit trees are a blessing from Allah and Subh-e-Nau continues spreading these gifts, including recently planting saplings with the tennis community at the Pakistan Sports Board, Islamabad. (more)

Safety First

Clean Health facilities: the importance of infection control

A very basic aspect of health provision and disease control is missing in Pakistan, which is proper administration of infection control across all types of health units.  (more)


5 Sustainable options to help reduce disposable waste

We need to start dropping our single-use habits and learn ways to reduce waste. In relation to last weeks post, I put together a list of sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives for you to consider. Here are 5 ways to cut down on disposable waste. (more)

Sustainability Science

Fukushima unveils plans to become renewable energy hub 

Japan aims to power region, scene of 2011 meltdown, with 100% renewable energy by 2040 in Tokyo. (more)


Fragrant and healthful 

Cardamom is most used in our dishes, and it lends them a wonderful taste and aromatic sense – but not just that, this amazing spice is known to have a wide variety of health benefits.  (more)

Film Review

A GM giant on rampage

“The World according to Monsanto” is a chilling film and is a must see, as Pakistan has started with Monsanto’s GM products including harvesting BT cotton bought from this mega corporation.  (more)

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