February 2015 Contents

Vol.12 No.06

Cover Story

How the world’s largest mammal was discovered in Pakistan

Millions of years ago, Baluchitherium, the world’s largest mammal, used to stroll the lush green valley of Baluchistan. Baluchistan had much more than leafy trees and thick forests. (more)


Heaven scent

A garden full of gloriously perfumed plants and flowers is a heavenly place to forget all your worries and cares by simply breathing in the natural, sometimes heady, scents released into the very air you breath. Total relaxation of the senses, of muscles throughout your body and of the mind itself is a forgone conclusion in such blissful surroundings and you eventually emerge from your reverie with a feeling of calmness and rejuvenation. (more)

Public Health

Get to know your drink!

Can’t get enough of that flavorsome, lemony, sparkling drink? Let’s find out what exactly this unique beverage is made of and how it affects our body! (more)


Eco-Friendly Resolutions

2015 could be a year where we can each do our own bit towards treating our planet better. (more)

Environmental Awareness

Karachi: an environmental and health disaster

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is considered among most populated cities in the world. Recent surveys have suggested that Karachi has become one of the most polluted cities of Asia. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), in one of its surveys has declared Karachi ‘the least environment friendly out of 22 mega cities of Asia’ because of its poor airquality, inferior transport system and an inadequate sanitation network. (more)


Room heating without gas or electricity!

Is there a cheap, efficient and convenient alternative for heating? YES! We tackle the hottest question of the cold wintery days. (more)


Renewable energy overtakes nuclear power in Scotland

For the first time, Scotland’s renewable sector is producing more than nuclear, coal or gas, which is indicative of the preference for cleaner sources. (more)

Film Review

From BT Cotton to the new Salmon: what is Monsanto upto now?

Transgenic Salmon is ready to be served by Monsanto, the same corporation that gave us DDT and PCBs as ‘safe’ chemicals to play with. Seeds of Death reveals the GMO controversy, highlighting the dangers, and the all too clear motives of the industry that wants to control our food. (more)

Health Page

The beet of life

Enriched with antioxidants like vitamin C, B complex vitamins, minerals, foliate and fibers, beetroot improves blood flow, boosts stamina and lowers blood pressure. It is a compact vault of health and energy, adding to the beat of your life. (more)

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