October 2016 Contents

Vol.14 No.02 

Cover Story

Beyond Saturation: Cities bursting with problems

How much more can the cities take, and what needs to be done?

Nearly half the population will start living in the urban cities in as early as the next decade. This rapid rural to urban migration has led to multiple issues breaking our cities down. It’s a complex phenomenon with various linked factors, but with exploding urban population, visionary planning is the need of the hour.  (More)


Native trees are better

According to a recent study, native trees like Neem are more than three times as effective in removing carbon dioxide from the air than foreign trees like Conocarpus. The study is the first of its kind to compare carbon stock of native versus exotic trees in Pakistan and highlights the importance of planting native trees in urban areas to reduce carbon emissions and pollution. (More)


Planting Figs

Figs are one of the simplest and productive types of trees to establish in your garden and beyond. Here is a guide to green your garden with this gift of nature. (More)


Going strong

Rafina Bibi was severely injured in the 2005 Northern Pakistan earthquake, and as a result, faced tremendous challenges later. With the support of family and community, as well as Subh-e-Nau’s Disability program for the Spinal Cord Injury patients, she has managed to overcome most of these barriers. (More)


SN continues National Plantation Year

While regularly maintaining plantation sites, Subh-e-Nau continued its #greeneveryinch campaign in September with participants from all walks of life.


Simple ways to reduce plastic waste

These easy actions can dramatically decrease the amount of plastic trash you make. (More)

Sustainability Science

Protection from a new inhaler from air pollution

An affordable over-the-counter inhaler could help people avoid worst health effects of breathing toxic air pollutants. (More)

Health Page

The multifarious remedies of Tezpath

Tezpath leaves are a great addition to your dishes as they provide numerous health benefits. (More)

Film Review

Planet Ant: life inside the colony

This 90-minute documentary will offer you a sneak peek into the hidden world of ants, something that was never captured on screen before. (More)

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