December 2016 Contents

Vol.14 No.04 

Cover Story

Humanity’s Graveyard: Gadani’s Deadly Ship Breaking Business

Once a pristine beach, Gadani is now a toxic graveyard, both for humans and marine life. Ship breaking industry workers are being exploited, with total disregard for what image of Pakistan the site sends when it is classified as a smuggling hot-bed, and one of the dirtiest ship-breaking sites on earth. Where are the authorities responsible to check grow violations of human rights’ abuses? (more)

Cover Story

The bigger picture: lack of worker safety and exploitation

With about an estimated 6000 workers at Gadani, there are a minimum of safety regulations in place and any safety net in place. This is not unique to Gadani, as there is total lack of concern for worker safety across all sectors in the country.  (more)


Save the Dragon!

Key to ecosystem balance and health, dragonflies’ survival is at stake, thanks to rampant water and air pollution in the country. (more)


Citrus cultivation made simple

There are so many myths about how difficult it is to cultivate citrus that many gardeners are put off way before they get around to planting as much as a single tree yet citrus, providing basic growing requirements are met, are surprising simple and bountifully rewarding too. (more)


SN continues National Plantation Year

With participation from people from all walks of life, plantation was conducted at the Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad, as Subh-e-Nau’s continuing commitment towards making Pakistan green and clean. (more)

Kitchen Gardening

Kitchen Gardening Done Right

Salma Kamal is an expert kitchen gardener offering advice to all across Pakistan and beyond, right from her Islamabad farm house. Subh-e-Nau had an exclusive tête-à-tête on raising food, chickens, and beyond. (more)

SN Disability

Rising above formidable barriers

Mr. Waseem Mughal is a shining example of a human rising above various challenges from Spinal Cord Injury and associated barriers. (more)

Environment Watch

Another sham EIA: Tariq Road high-rise draws severe public criticism

Yet another project lacking basic consultation with stakeholders and important approvals from relevant departments was put for discussion at a public hearing organized by the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) at a hotel here on November 23, 2016. (more)


Gimme LED!

With multiple benefits, and now freely available, LED lights boast many advantages. Get LEDs to light up your life, and reduce your bills to start with. (more)

Sustainability Science

Clean Energy at the Cost of an iPhone

Two brothers from Kerala, India, have devised a cost effective solution to address perennial energy woes of the country. (more)

Health Page

The Alternative to Almond

Chironji are seeds derived from an evergreen tree and have great medicinal benefits. (more)

Film Review

Before the flood

To state that “Before the flood” is an eye-opener is an understatement. By all accounts, it is a compelling watch which not only conveys its message, but also urges its audience towards meaningful action against climate change. (more)

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