August 2015 Contents

Vol.12 No.12

(12th Anniversary Edition)

Cover Story

Karachi sinks in deadly heat waves

Sweltering heat waves hit Karachi, drowning most in sweat, misery and worse. With more than a thousand left dead in its wake, where do we start in terms of adapting and saving an already challenged metropolis from this menace?

Cover Story

National Tree Plantation Day: Building our Defenses

With cities like Karachi facing huge challenges such as worsening water availability, deadly urban heat island effects, energy crisis and extreme weather events, the time is now to act and stem this dangerous tide. The upcoming National Tree Plantation Day, pioneered by Subh-e-Nau can help start by addressing these issues sustainably through mass indigenous plantation and concurrent rainwater harvesting.


Oouff Alllllah

Urban centers have become spaces of miseries due to unfettered environmental degradation that has taken place over the past decades.


Urban gardening — turning waste in to gold

The old adage ‘Waste not, want not’ is spot on the mark when it comes to organic gardening particularly in small spaces where the more you feed the soil, the larger and healthier the crops you will harvest. One of the simplest methods of improving, and then maintaining, growing conditions is by making and using as much good quality compost as possible.

SN Event

Subh-e-Nau launches “Green Every Inch” campaign

In the wake of the devastating heat waves which claimed lives by the thousands, Subh-e-Nau launched a campaign in Karachi geared towards planting indigenous trees across the deforested city.


5 foods for summer sun protection

Now that summer has arrived most of us are used to reaching for protective sun gear. Some foods can also help in reducing the damage caused by solar exposure.


Renewables: Cheapest Energy

A significant threshold has been crossed by renewable energy as analyst’s report that the sector’s size last year reached double the level it was at just 10 years earlier.

Health Page

Cardamom – The Queen of Spices

Cardamom is a readily available spice which can add royally to your health and well being.

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