August 2019 Contents

Vol.16  No.12

(16th Anniversary Edition)

Cover Story

Nature’s Healing Ways 

The physical and psychological benefits of spending time with nature seem indispensable. It makes us feel alive from the inside from heart health to mental and spiritual wellbeing, and we should not compromise it for recent developments like urbanisation, technology, or social media.   (more)


We are breathing together  

Today in the 21st century, where we all are running fast to achieve what we can be to become more and more developed, we usually forget the existence of the natural powers that are silently working in our daily life. (more)


Nature’s Nurturing

Sometimes the world of organic gardening, especially one in which the emphasis is on food production, can feel like a heavy dose of ‘all work and no play’. (more)

SN Plantation

SN continues National Plantation Year 

Subhenau continues its plantation campaign with notable figures such as Mr Tariq Banuri Chairman HEC, Mr Salim Saifullah President PTF, Mr Anwar Saifullah, and Chairperson SN Mrs Shahida Kausar Farooq and tennis players. (more)

Safety First

Key Health and Safety Rules to follow this Eid ul-Adha

Unlike the developed Muslim countries, Eid ul-Adha celebrations in Pakistan often turn into a nightmare due to poor management and law enforcement, and lack of public awareness. Here are some ideas on improving the present situation. (more)


Eco-Friendly Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

As the climate gets hotter due to global warming, people are more likely to blast their air conditioning all summer long. (more)

Sustainability Science

‘Chernobyl on ice’ Raises Fears as Russia prepares floating Nuclear Plant

Skepticism and safety concerns persist before vessel which contains nuclear reactor begins a 4,000-mile Arctic journey. (more)

Health Page

About this beloved, bite-size, black plum with amazing health benefits

Jamun, or Black or Java Plum in English, has remained a beloved fruit of the Indian subcontinent. (more)

Film Review

Surviving Progress

Have you ever wondered what progress is? Are we actually headed towards improvement? (more)

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