August 2017 Contents

Vol.14 No.12

(14th Anniversary Edition)

Cover Story

Under Siege: KP’s Tarnab Agricultural Institute 

KP’s pre-eminent 109 year old Agricultural Research Institute is facing the development bulldozer in the form of Federal and Provincial Government’s planned Expo Center.  (more)

Cover Story

From rationing to severe food shortage: KP’s ignored past 

KP province’s food insecurity has always been a serious concern. The province has seen rationing until the early 1960s and severe shortage of wheat and wheat flour even in the 1990s. Ignoring such past lessons and abolishing an agricultural institution can lead to severe food crises.  (more)


All that you need to know about composting

Composting may seem like a simple process where nature turns organic waste to a natural fertilizer but this time consuming process can get messy and give little results if you do not know the basics. Here is a perfect recipe for compost that will not only take less time to prepare but also stay invisible on your balcony.   (more)

Environment Watch

On the radar

While the stunning beauty of Pakistan’s scenic northern mountains is pretty well known to the people of Pakistan and visitors, not many are aware of the hidden gems along its over 1,000 km coastline. There are pristine beaches, stunning lagoons, flanked by awe-inspiring mountains and islands with unique ecologies. (more)

Water Crisis

Islamabad’s water woes

The Federal capital, the first and only purpose built metropolitan of the country lacks the most basic necessities of life – water. Availability of clean drinking water is like a dream for almost every Pakistan, however, citizens of Pakistan’s capital are in search of water for household use in the 21st century. Governments come and go but this issue is worsening day by day and year by year. (more)


A guide to natural and eco-friendly fabrics

Decades ago, clothes were built to last and styles were timeless. These days, fabrics are cheap, fads are passing, and the realities of our disposable wardrobes are stark. (more)

SN Disability

Altaf Hussain: A hope for disabled persons

The Subh-e-Nau Disability Program for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is now a well-established program in the Muzaffarabad district of AJK. The program has now been introduced in Karachi as well. It a unique program as it covers spinal cord injured patients’ treatment, regular care, livelihood solution and their life styles.  (more)

Health Page

The sweet treat of summer

The tension between India and Pakistan is not only limited to the line of control and cricket, it has long made its way to mangoes as well! The ensuing debate is renewed all over again when the season of mangoes approaches.  (more)

Film Review


The movie “Trashed” is a harsh revelation. Simply put: it’s a global trash tour! (more)

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