August 2016 Contents

Vol.13 No.12

(Anniversary Edition) 
Cover Story

Karachi’s Green Line Bus: Adding insult to injury

Karachi is set to be the next Lahore, with transport projects that damage the citizens’ health and environment. (More)

Cover Story

Karachi’s makes it to the top 5 most polluted cities: what’s happening, and what can be done?

Struggling with air pollution and dealing with imminent climate change impacts, Karachi is breaking down and being torn at all levels, but nowhere is its decay more obvious than on its environment and health of citizens. (More)

Environment Watch 

Plantation of Conocarpus and the systematic burning of trees in Islamabad

Islamabad has been largely considered as a green and clean city as compared to other cities of Pakistan, however, its image has badly damaged for last few years. A group of concerned citizens held a meeting at Subh-e-Nau office in first week of July to discuss issues related to city’s environment. (more)


Natural Nurturing

Sometimes the world of organic gardening, especially one in which the emphasis is on food production, can feel like a heavy dose of ‘all work and no play’. (more)

SN Plantation

SN continues National Plantation Year

The #greeneveryinch campaign by Subh-e-Nau marches steadily on for a greener Pakistan.


Cleaning floors naturally

Indoor floor cleaning can lead to dangerous spread of pollutants if you use commercial products. Here are some natural ways to prevent these harmful effects and also save you money.

Sustainability Science

Turing CO2 into stone: A climate change breakthrough

A radical new technique assures an inexpensive and safe method of burying CO2 gas emissions underground instead of storing it as a gas.

Health Page

Jujube: apple of the desert

Unaab herb, also known as Jujube, and locally known as Ber, the red oval fruit, often used by children as a weapon when playing outdoors, albeit quite small, is said to hold the health benefits equivalent to that of an apple. (more)

Film Review

A Chilling Depiction of Climate Change Impacts

Glaciers are melting at a rapid pace unlike no era in human history and “Chasing Ice” is a chilling depiction of such climate change impacts calls for action at all levels. (More)


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