April 2016 Contents

Vol.13 No.08

Cover Story

“Organics are inevitable” Qasim talks why and how pure food will take over the rest

Unadulterated, pure, healthy food has been endeavor for the longest time in human history, which can now take the form buying organic. Following the strong history of growing organic in the country, especially in the form of desi, there are is a growing interest in the sector. Qasim Tareen, an organic farmer is viewed as one of the trail blazers in the sector. SN talked to him about everything organic – and beyond. (more)

SN Event

SN continues National Plantation Year

As part of the #Greeneveryinch campaign, Subh-e-Nau planted trees at the CDGK/KMC Sports Complex, Karachi to kick off the spring plantation season.


Birds of life

Birds are unique and life giving in their own ways. Their conservation, especially across Pakistan is direly needed. (more)


Back to Basics

With climate change and its ever increasing impacts, we have to get back to the basics, including reverting to organic gardening for sustenance. (more)


Serena trailblazes with green initiatives

Serena Hotels under its SEED CSR Program has proposed to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to partner for a solid waste management project in Islamabad. (more)

Environment Watch

SOAN RIVER: Another case of destroyed heritage

The historic Soan River is no more than another polluted nullah in the twin cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad. What was and could have been a major tourist attraction is another case of neglect and tragedy. (more)


Eco-Friendly Travel

Traveling green is the way to go now! (more)

Sustainability science

Africa takes major strides in Solar power

Although a non-brainer when it comes to solar for countries rich in receiving sunlight, the potential of renewables is not realized. Africa is taking giant strides in solar power with various initiatives, and here we mention two. (more)

Health Page

The World’s healthiest yet under-estimated food

Sweet Potatoes or kumara (Ipomoea batatas), also known as Shakarkandi in Urdu, are among vegetables that contains an ideal blend of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. (more)

Film Review

Bag it: Is your life too plastic?

Did you know that all plastics with recycling tags are not actually recyclable? Also, Plastics are the most pervasive form of ocean pollution, exceeding the number of plankton present. Sounds outrageous, does not it? (more)

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